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Deum, vitam, litteras amemus

Let us love God, life, literature

That One Girl
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Middlegirl, white human female, LJ profile bio, starting now.

There isn't much of a reason for this personal journal. I just started it so I can run my community, The Middleman Annotation Compendium, but once again, the siren call of "the blog" began to sing. And, like so many others before, I cannot help but allow myself to be lured away... so I can dash my ship on the sharp rocks? This was a bad metaphor.

I'm just your basic, average girl, a girl of many shades and dimensions. I love to spend time reading, surfing online or watching TV. I like to laugh and make other people laugh, usually using my rapier wit, and I enjoy exercising my inner geek from time to time. My real name is Robyn.

I have way too many obsessions for my own good: Carmen Sandiego, Chronicles of Narnia, Pixar, Tudor History, the Olympics, MST3K, and The Middleman, just to name a few. The MO is the same: I bury myself in message boards, dabble in fanfic, and wonder how I could work out a Halloween costume or an outfit that is inspired by my obsession without everyone knowing exactly where I got my inspiration. I try not to fangirl, but every so often I can't help myself.

My hobbies include: random craft projects (beading jewelry, cross-stitch, and the occasional painting; I also draw coats of arms), learning different languages (I have a fairly good grasp of German and know a smattering of French), heraldry (aka studying and designing coats of arms), jumping in and out of an English accent, dropping random movie quotes into conversations, singing along with the radio, and sleeping in.

In real life (what's that?), I have a Bachelor's Degree in English from Liberty University (I think that the full name of the school should be "Liberty University Yes That's Jerry Falwell's School"), and therefore I have a BA in BS, with a double minor in writing papers and avoiding writing papers. I enjoy being an English nerd, and often crack literary jokes (especially Shakespeare), even if I'm the only one who gets them (especially Shakespeare). I don't quite know what I'm going to do for the short term, but I hope to be a teacher someday (soon). In the meantime, I hold down a few jobs here and there, and am working on writing a book or two. On top of that, I volunteer in my church's junior high ministry as a small group leader.

I'm an unashamed evangelical Christian and a Tea Party Conservative/registered Republican. I don't get political/preachy often, but I refuse to mitigate my opinions just because someone on my f-list won't agree. It's my blog, my rules.

So, yeah, that was pretty much everything you've ever wanted to know about me, but were too shy to ask.

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